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Successfully elected


Dear Nominet Members,
I’m delighted to have been informed  that I have been returned to the Nominet Board for a second elected term. 
Thank you to all who voted for me. I look forward to continuing in the role as an elected Non-Executive Director for the next three years. In addition I intend to do more to try to engage with Nominet members, initially through extended online outreach. 
Please feel free to email me in confidence using if you would like to discuss anything with me. 
Thank you once again. 

A postcard to Nominet Members


Dear Nominet Member, If you’re reading this today there’s a very good chance you received a postcard from me mentioning that I am standing this year for re-election to the Nominet Board. I felt it would be a good idea to write to as many Nominet members as possible in an attempt to broaden the participation in the Nominet Elected Non Executive Director Election by the overall membership base. Naturally I am keen to receive your first preference support and hope you will vote using the credentials supplied to you in an email sent on 26th June 2018 by...

A message to .uk Domain Name Investors


As Many of you will be aware I am standing for re-election as a Nominet Non-Executive Director, hoping to serve a second and final 3-year term. I was elected to the Nominet Board with the support of many .uk Domain Name Investors in 2015 along with Dickie Armour (who, unlike me, is not re-standing this year). I also received many second, third, fourth and fifth preference votes from a the broad Nominet membership and ultimately was able to win the second seat on the Board that year. Thank you again for doing this. As a result I now have 3-years of experience of working directly on the Nominet...

Call for Nominations


Nominet have announced the call for nominations for the forthcoming Non Executive Director election. As the only incumbent candidate, with three years of recent Nominet Board experience, I intend to stand to be elected again for a second term in 2018.
You may read about me and both my industry and Nominet Board experience here on this blog. You may also contact me by email sent to